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Magic Smile (Midtown)

315 5th Ave, Suite 703A,
     New York, NY 10016-6510


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Welcome to our brand new office

located in Midtown, the heart of NYC!


Imagine yourself arriving to a bright modern office, being welcomed by a  friendly technician, sitting comfortably in the chair, watching your favorite TV show or checking your messages, and within an hour or less being on your way with a shining white smile which you can be proud of.

Doesn't it sound awesome, as a real MAGIC? Well, this is what we do at Magic Smile. We help thousand of our customers to uncover their beautiful natural smile, by providing the most effective Laser Teeth Whitening treatment in New York City. Our new office in Midtown Manhattan does it even better! We provide the best Teeth Whitening experience and long lasting result!

Near by the all main subway lines: N, Q, R, F, D, M, B and 6, across the street from the Empire State Building, “Magic Smile - Midtown” is easily accessible to anyone in New York. Utilizing the latest technology and premium whitening agents, our qualified technicians will make sure that you get the whitest shade your own teeth can reach.

Advanced cold LED laser light in combination with our own Multi Strength Whitening System™, provides great result without major discomfort, even for people with very sensitive teeth. This exclusive method removes the most stubborn and severe discoloration from the teeth. Tobacco and coffee stains will be gone forever!

If you want to get your teeth pearly white, “Magic Smile - Midtown” is the right place to go. Here, at “Magic Smile” we are using individual approach to make your teeth whitening experience even more pleasant. We offer different packages according to each customer’s needs. We are also using unique method when we match the strength of the teeth whitening agent to customer's teeth sensitivity. No more "One size fits all", as our competitors offer.

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You can book your appointment ONLINE

or call our Midtown office a at: 646 360 3450


The “Express Service” is for people who had teeth whitening done in the last 6 month and just wish to remove the fresh stains.

The “Full Service” is for people who had completed a teeth whitening procedure more than 6 month ago and for those who has deeper and difficult to remove stains.

Magic Smile’s “VIP Service” was specially designed for people who want the BEST whitening results. After "VIP Service" all stains will be removed. In addition, we have a very affordable touch-up plans available, so you can always have sparkling white smile without worrying too much about the cost. Just ask our staff!


Midtown area of the Manhattan is conveniently located in the center of the island. This neighborhood is easily reachable by public transportation, and it offers great amount of different attractions. One of the most popular New York City’s sightseeing - Empire State Building is located in Midtown as well. Don’t miss the unique opportunity to visit this historical landmark.  Anyone will be pleased with the best shopping experience. You can find the most famous stores, including the largest department store in the world Macy’s, along with many upscale boutiques on 5th Avenue and Madison. Everyone should schedule a tour at HBO Studio and Rockefeller Center. And of course, Carnegie Hall is must-go. The best restaurants, beautiful architecture, variety of places for everyone’s taste - all you can find in Midtown!


We are looking forward to seeing you!

"Magic Smile" Team