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Magic Smile - Teeth Whitening (Uptown)

1841 Broadway, Suite 220,
New York NY 10023

(636) 340-5252

Magic Smile - Teeth Whitening (Downtown)

291 Broadway, Suite 1000,
New York NY 10007

(646) 490-4323

Magic Smile - Teeth Whitening (Midtown)

315 5th Ave, Suite 703A,
New York, NY 10016

(646) 360-3450

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Get the best deal for top-quality, High-Strength Whitening Agents

Save money and build your happy clientele.


  • Super High-Strength, pure H2O2 whitening agents

  • 20%, 28%, 32%, 38% or customized Hydrogen Peroxide strength

  • Freshly made per order

  • Bulk, directly from the manufacturer - wholesale prices - up to 75% off the leading brands prices

  • Low sensitivity and minimal side effects

  • Fast delivery and excellent customers service

  • Samples are available



If your office is already offering Teeth Whitening procedure, or you are only planning to introduce the service, you won’t be disappointed ordering Professional Whitening products from us.

“Magic Smile” specializes in manufacturing and servicing Pure Hydrogen Peroxide based whitening agents since 2008 through a chain of offices around NYC. We are experts in the field with tens of thousands of satisfied customers in New York who swore by the name - “Magic Smile”. You don't have to take our word for it.  Just search for us on “Yelp” and see what customers say. Many dentists across the US are using our products for better results and

“Magic Smile” became a synonym for super white teeth.

We are offering for dental offices professional grade whitening agents, based on pure Hydrogen Peroxide. Our whitening agent comes in multiple strengths. All our products contain special ingredients to reduce sensitivity, so your patients will feel Zero to a minimal pain during the procedure.

Every order will be custom made according to your needs (you can specify the strength, color and even flavor of a gel), so you can be sure you are getting fresh product. Our prices are  very affordable, usually up to 75% lower the leading brands such as Zoom and BriteSmile. You are buying it directly from us- the manufacturer and are avoiding re-sellers fees and additional charges.

And what your savings on average* will be?

*  based on $60 per patient average price for leading brands

Patients per month

Monthly Savings

Annual Savings

20 whitening patients



50 whitening patients



100 whitening patients



We know how hard you work. You deserve the the best products and service!


For Dentists who don’t have teeth whitening equipment, we offer our own branded “Magic Smile” teeth whitening system that included LED lamp, Mouth openers and whitening agent.

Magic Kit Plus Pen.jpg

Patient Home Maintenance whitening kits are available upon request.

For additional information, prices and samples, please contact:

Doli Roberts

(646) 490 4323