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Magic Smile - (Uptown)
1841 Broadway, Suite 220,
New York NY 10023
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Magic Smile - Teeth Whitening (Uptown)

1841 Broadway, Suite 220,
New York NY 10023

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291 Broadway, Suite 1000,
New York NY 10007

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New York, NY 10016

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Teeth Whitening Services and Products by Magic Smile, New York

Magic Smile International, after leaving the footprints of success in Europe, is harboring a revolution in the teeth whitening services in the United States by the introduction of its innovative and customized, In Office tooth whitening procedures and products. We help you to break away from the discomfort of getting the teeth whitening done at high prices and spending more on products with short-lived effects, by bringing scientifically proven methods which come to you at a never before price range.


You might have heard about the traditional tooth bleaching process where a whitening gel is placed in a tray that fits over your teeth and then the gel breaks down into oxygen which makes the color of the teeth lighter. This tooth bleaching procedure is very often painful since it uses a standard size tray for everybody even when people’s teeth vary in shape and size. When the tray is filled with the Whitening Agent and put in the mouth, it can cause overloading of high concentrated agent resulting in burns of gums and lips or partial whitening and different colors of the tooth. Considering the hectic schedules of our patients, Magic Smile’s has come up with its patented Multi Strength Whitening System™ for tooth bleaching which is not only effective, but is relatively much simpler and painless.

Why Teeth Whitening Services and Products by Magic Smile New York


When you think of getting teeth whitening done; the first thing that crosses your mind, is the pain due to the sensitivity of the teeth and gums. Every individual has a different level of sensitivity depended on many factors. For this reason, we have launched one of the most reliable products in the history of teeth whitening. With an unbelievable range of eight different strengths of teeth whitening agents (Multi Strength), people who have sensitive teeth can whiten their teeth using a special formula which does not impact the teeth sensitivity but is still very effective. On the other hand, people who do not have sensitive teeth but have severely stained teeth can enjoy the process of tooth bleaching without any worries and can take an advantage of Magic Smile’s strongest and most effective whitening agent. Moreover, the result of this process lasts for up to 2 years and enhances the color by 2 to 8 shades. But this is not all. The main motto of Magic Smile’s founders was and still is to provide the most advanced whitening services and products in the most reasonable price. That’s why we always proclaim loudly -- “You do not have to be a millionaire to have beautiful white teeth, with us everybody can have a Magic Smile!”


Our rapidly growing customers’ base and their great experience is our trademark and speak loud for the services and products they get (see our excellent reviews). Be a part of our drive to bring glowing smiles to people’s face without worrying about the pain, discomfort or cost.